What does it mean to declare a breakdown?

I believe, from the leadership perspective, the next big thing after disruptive thinking would be to actively ‘declare breakdowns’

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chairperson and Managing Director, Biocon

To declare a breakdown is to state that you are declaring a break from an old flow of life, and creating a new flow. It is stating that if the normal course of events were to take place, and if you did not actively participate in changing this course, you would end up in a particular future. If this future is not ok for you is when you have a choice to declare a breakdown; design a new future of design, and then take actions to achieve that future.

An individual, a team, an organisation and for that matter, even a nation, can declare a breakdown and design a new future of choice.

Individuals, Teams and organisations wait for events in their life, and my claim in this book is that you do not need to wait for an event to take place to determine your future. You can be at the source of your future, at anytime you want to be.


Why a program on Declaring Breakdowns?

Actions give you results; and you can take only those actions that are available to you or only those that you can ‘see’. Through the program on Declaring Breakdowns, you will enable teams in your organisation to question what they see, and be open to new seeing.

We reconstruct the common sense understanding of the word ‘action’, and enable participants to generate new ‘action’, and hence new results.

Program Design

We can design a program to suit your needs. We would typically work with an organisation for about a year, and enable organisations to generate a ordinary result that would be extra-ordinary given the circumstances of the organisation.

To generate extra-ordinate results, we need to change behaviors of senior and middle management employees of the organisation, and for that we need to institute new practices for embodied learning.

Shorter training programs

We would also be happy to conduct a 2-3 day short program on Declaring breakdowns and / or other critical leadership distinctions.

We invite you to your Leadership!

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Testimonial from Jyotiram Pasupalak, Senior Director, BMC Software:

“My focus for this training program was to transform the business to deliver results that I committed to. This program has immensely helped my management team who influence the customers, business partners and the team members. I am so amazed to see that the transformation is not only happening in the professional world. My managers share stories with me, and I can see that the way they are carrying themselves in their personal lives has also transformed.
I am really impressed the way this program has transformed their lives.
The results have been skyrocketing right now..:”

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