Lt Gen. Sudhir Sharma, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, VSM

Declaring Breakdowns is a fascinating book by Sameer Dua. I pride myself on being a voracious reader but must confess that I have rarely come across a book which so lucidly takes you through a journey of rediscovery and gives you a deep insight into the immense potential which is locked down in a human being. We glibly talk about out-of-the box ideas and lateral thinking, but this book is one such gem which truly explains the rationale for the quest in our lives, our struggles, our relationships and ambitions from a very fresh perspective.

As an army officer, who has spent his entire life in the profession of arms and leadership as the mainstay of success, I found a book giving clear guidelines on how to rediscover alternates seamlessly as we get bogged in the routine and status quo. Sameer very persuasively opens your mind to the option of taking a deliberate pause when there is a slowdown or there is no light at the end of the tunnel to take stock and take the next fork. This considered and conscious breakdown he illustrates can be the catalyst for a better result in all your endeavours, whether personal, professional, organizational or even spiritual.

His writing style is very warm and compelling, and it seems like an interactive conversation rather than reading a great book. I could feel him across the table as I read through the book. His personal and humane qualities and social commitment to organ donation and just being a good human being shine through the book and touch your heart. My compliments and admiration to Sameer for putting this book out for the people to read and introspect.

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