Jose F. Rojas

After reading Sameer’s book, ‘breakdowns’ can hardly continue to be seen as those ‘problems’ we continuously face and fight on a daily basis, consuming a lot of energy and resources in organi- zations, communities and our lives. Instead, they transform into great opportunities to design a different future, by changing the traditional approach to see them as ‘enemies’. The book is clearly written and provides the readers with a useful, powerful and uni- versal distinction to face the challenges that breakdowns usually bring with them. The 6 simple (yet not trivial) steps bring a beau- tiful simplicity to address this complex issue in a practical way.
I was enthralled in the reading from the very beginning with Sameer sharing his personal experience with breakdowns.The table of contents was like an exquisite menu of relevant conversations waiting to be opened. The generative practices at the end of each chapter are personal invitations for reflection and immediate action.
Sameer leaves up to you, how far you want to go in the journey of creating a different future for your life, your family, your organization, your community, your country and the world

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