Christopher S. Adams

As a public school educator and leader for more than 30 years, I have been engaged for most of my life in an ongoing exploration of the importance, process and power of human learning. In this book, Sameer Dua shares an elegantly simple blueprint for navigating life events and circumstances, which might otherwise be impediments to learning and growth, in ways that expand the horizon of possibilities for creating and achieving a more desirable future in our personal and professional lives.
His explanations of different speech acts and conversation types and how these might be effectively integrated to generate new possibilities for action and living are clear and compelling, and the practices he offers to enhance the skills needed to declare and work through the breakdowns and challenges we face in life are highly appropriate.
If you are interested in exploring a different way of observ- ing and ‘showing up’ in the world that results in new and exciting opportunities for learning and productivity, Sameer Dua’s book is a ‘must-read’!

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