Kiran Karnik

Too many of us—leaders, managers, even youngsters—get trapped into the flow of the routine. In Declaring Breakdowns, Sameer Dua provides a how-to manual that—through examples and anecdotes, combined with a theoretical underpinning—presents a way out.
Highly recommended reading for anyone who wants to change their life and create a new future.

Gerd Hoefner

If you are looking to actively create a better future for yourself, a future of your choice, then this book is the tool to show you the way. Based on his experience in coaching as well as from his personal life, Sameer Dua nicely explains the 6-step process from declaring a breakdown to executing the missing actions to achieve the future. A great read as well as a fantastic advisor!

Tarun Katial

Sameer introduces us to an interesting leadership move called ‘declaring a breakdown’. Individuals, teams and organizations, all have a default future. Getting aware of this default future, and then creating a new future of choice, I believe, is a powerful leadership act. I see this move of declaring a breakdown as a new edge for the corporate world, and I would be delighted to see this new leadership move being actively used by leaders across different walks of life. I love the fact that Sameer speaks about practice as a way to embody new learning. The 6 steps identified by Sameer in this book, when practised regularly, have the potential of transforming individual lives and organizations.

Tapan Singhel

This book could not be more relevant for the current times. For a world that is changing very rapidly compared to yesteryears, Sameer’s insights definitely deserve a read.

Vandana Tanna

Everything is possible. Even the word impossible says—I AM POSSIBLE.
This is exactly what Sameer Dua brings out in his book, which helps an individual declare a breakdown and identify the actions that need to be taken to achieve a desired future, which is completely different from the default future using the 6-step process.
Negative sounding words such as ‘breakdowns’ and ‘interruptions’ have been projected in a completely different light, in this simple and practical book, which is a must-read for every individual leader. By quoting real-life instances, Sameer leads the readers by example.
One of those rare gems, this book is perfectly suited for both the corporate world and personal development.

Veronica Olalla Love

In this book, Dua provides a strong ‘how-to’ for those who are ready to claim their agency and take a proactive stance towards creating a brighter future.

Sharon Kedem-Shanny

The special gift Sameer has is reflected very much in this book. He enlightens the audience with certain truths that were hidden from them before, and increases the awareness of the leader to a whole new level. These ideas and practices can be used to significantly increase success and bring real results. Leaders can become what they can and want to be when they have this high level of awareness and some specific tools they can use.
Sameer’s ideas are always pragmatic and clear, and at the same time inspiring. They demonstrate deep understanding of how humans—people—think and act, and the belief in people’s ability to control their acts, their future and their leadership.
I enjoy reading Sameer’s notes, as much as I enjoy listening to him talk about leadership in his seminars, which are always inspiring and mind openers.

Dan Newby

Sameer Dua has written a clear, no-nonsense, practical book that will help leaders lead. He has laid out and connected dozens of useful (and non-discretionary) distinctions that most leaders have never seen nor practised. He has presented his ideas with an engaging enthusiasm and passion that derives from his personal experience as a trainer and coach. I strongly recommend Sameer’s book to any leader committed to improving his or her level of professionalism and effectiveness.

Jose F. Rojas

After reading Sameer’s book, ‘breakdowns’ can hardly continue to be seen as those ‘problems’ we continuously face and fight on a daily basis, consuming a lot of energy and resources in organi- zations, communities and our lives. Instead, they transform into great opportunities to design a different future, by changing the traditional approach to see them as ‘enemies’. The book is clearly written and provides the readers with a useful, powerful and uni- versal distinction to face the challenges that breakdowns usually bring with them. The 6 simple (yet not trivial) steps bring a beau- tiful simplicity to address this complex issue in a practical way.
I was enthralled in the reading from the very beginning with Sameer sharing his personal experience with breakdowns.The table of contents was like an exquisite menu of relevant conversations waiting to be opened. The generative practices at the end of each chapter are personal invitations for reflection and immediate action.
Sameer leaves up to you, how far you want to go in the journey of creating a different future for your life, your family, your organization, your community, your country and the world

Christopher S. Adams

As a public school educator and leader for more than 30 years, I have been engaged for most of my life in an ongoing exploration of the importance, process and power of human learning. In this book, Sameer Dua shares an elegantly simple blueprint for navigating life events and circumstances, which might otherwise be impediments to learning and growth, in ways that expand the horizon of possibilities for creating and achieving a more desirable future in our personal and professional lives.
His explanations of different speech acts and conversation types and how these might be effectively integrated to generate new possibilities for action and living are clear and compelling, and the practices he offers to enhance the skills needed to declare and work through the breakdowns and challenges we face in life are highly appropriate.
If you are interested in exploring a different way of observ- ing and ‘showing up’ in the world that results in new and exciting opportunities for learning and productivity, Sameer Dua’s book is a ‘must-read’!