OI: Leaders are people with authority.

NI: We are all leaders. The question is, ‘Are we exercising our full-blown leadership in this moment?’


OI: Our results come from physical activity (doing).

NI: While for certain results, physical activity may be required, all our results have their root cause in conversations—conversations that are had, conversations that are missing, conversations that are performed poorly or conversations that are performed well.


OI: Action is largely about physical activity.

NI: All action is shaped by language, and the generative acts of language are the actions that shape subsequent actions.


OI: We need to know how we will achieve our future before we can declare our future. Not knowing is a barrier to action (‘how’ comes before ‘what’).

NI: We declare our future, and the how discloses itself to us through our practices for exploration, experimentation and design. Dealing with the unknown of the future is a skill that gets developed with practice (‘what’ comes first and then the ‘how’).


OI: The future is not in our control. We have no choice in creating our future; it comes to us.

NI: The future is a function of our creation. We create our future through our declarations. And this declaration opens up the possibilities, conversations and actions to make it happen.

We always have influence on our future through our choices for our external actions and internal states.


OI: A team is a number of persons coming together for a joint action and for working together.

NI: A team is number of persons coming together to fulfil a shared promise.

A team exists to make and fulfil promises that individuals cannot fulfil.


OI: Responsibility is the state or fact of being answerable or accountable for something within one’s power, or control.

NI: To be responsible is to take the posture that we are the source or cause of something, we are open to be held accountable for the outcomes, we hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes and the outcomes can be shifted by our actions.

Responsibility is a matter of our choice.

It is making the interpretation that when we assess something is not working, we will provide what is missing to make it work. This puts us in the posture of producing action, not waiting for someone else to take action. It puts us in the posture of being a leader. We may not know what to do, but in this posture, we will find out, or invent, what is needed. If we wait for others or act only if we know what to do, we become a victim and paralyse ourselves with the reasons for our inaction and our lack of performance.


OI: We have opinions, judgements and assessments.

NI: That is right. However, sometimes our opinions, judgements and assessments have gotten us. Our lives are being driven by these opinions, judgements and assessments and we may be blind to this.

We can become aware of our automatic judgements to design ones that serve our purpose.


OI: Results are an outcome of the actions we take.

NI: Indeed. Results are indeed a function of the actions we take. However, the actions we take are a function of the observer we are.


OI: We are who we are (you are fixed).

NI: We are who we create ourselves to be—moment to moment. And we are doing this anyway, including when we live in the story that we are not.