Lets Engage In a Conversation For Possibility

“Each book is a possibility that I don’t want to let go of” – Bob Dunham


I am inviting you to a Conversation for Possibility with me. In this conversation you will learn to generate new possibilities for your life, in areas that matter to you.

Declaring Breakdowns, is my invitation to you for a conversation that explores the following:

  1. What are the important areas of your life that matter to you?
  2. In each of these areas, we explore what may be your default future?
  3. Is this default future okay for you?
  4. If this default future is not okay for you, then I invite you to create a new future… a future of design.
  5. What new actions can you take to bring that new future to fruition?

These are not everyday conversations that one has with oneself, or with anyone else for that matter. But these are critical conversations, and you pay a price for not having these conversations (by significantly reducing your impact and the results you can generate). These conversations enable an individual, a team, or even an organization to become aware of their current flow. These questions enable people to stop and ask if their current flow of life is taking them to a future that matters to them.

And if not, these conversations invite individuals to create new futures, and take new actions. These conversations make an individual aware of their power of choice.

I invite you to this conversation with me, through the book, “Declaring Breakdowns: Powerfully Creating a Future that Matters, Through 6 Simple Steps”.

I invite you to your leadership, where you see you can achieve any future that you desire.

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