Internal Conversation

Internal conversation is the conversation that you have with yourself. It is that little voice inside of you that is rarely silent. This internal, little, voice determines how you observe the events in your life.


Interruptions are nothing but a break in your transparency. An interruption disrupts the ‘established order’, and this established order was transparent till the ‘interruption’ took place.

If something happens that leads us to a different assessment of what it is we can expect in the future, we would call this an interruption. An interruption implies a change in our space of possibilities. What we assumed was possible before may no longer be possible or what we assumed may not be possible before may suddenly become a possibility. Whenever the observer assesses the space of possibility has changed, be it in a positive or in a negative way, that observer is facing an interruption*.

*This has been adapted from Rafael Echevarria’s (of Newfield Network) paper on ‘Moods and Emotions’. While he calls this a break in transparency, I have called this an interruption, as we do at IGL. At Newfield Network, there is no distinction between a break in transparency and a breakdown. At IGL, we distinguish a break in transparency as an interruption, and then based on the observer, she/he may declare a breakdown (or not declare a breakdown).

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