Declaring Breakdowns: A New Leadership Move


Breakdown, as commonly understood, is not a negative word. Breakdowns are actually possibilities in disguise. The book, ‘Declaring Breakdowns: Creating a Powerful new future of choice through 6 simple steps’ invites leaders to actively declare breakdowns and create new future of choice in areas that matters to them.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, one of top 25 businesswomen in Asia, and the Chairperson of Biocon stated in her foreword in this book, ‘From the leadership perspective, Declaring Breakdowns is the next big leadership move after disruptive thinking.’

If Declaring Breakdowns is a leadership move, the fundamental question is, ‘what is leadership’?

Leadership is designing an extra-ordinary future, getting others to commit to this future and then taking action (and generating action from others) to achieve this new extra-ordinary new future.

The 6-steps of declaring breakdowns and creating a future of choice is exactly what the above definition of leadership highlights.

The book invites the participants to identify their old flow of life, question where this old flow will lead them to (we call this the default future). It asks the readers if this default future is acceptable to them. If the default future is not acceptable to the readers, then the book invites the readers to declare a breakdown, and create a new future of choice.

Most importantly, the book does not just stop at that. The book also redefines what the common sense understanding of action is, and then distinguishes all the important moves in successfully coordinating action to achieve that new future of choice.

Declaring Breakdowns is not just relevant for personal leadership, but as important for leadership in teams, in organizations, and for leadership in nations.

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