About Sameer

Sameer is committed to transforming lives of people around the world and believes that everyone in this world is a possibility of happiness, success and extra-ordinary achievement. He empowers people to know what they really love in life and supports them in getting that in their life so that they lead a life full of joy, success, and fulfilment.

Having spent 24 years in the field of management and leadership education, he has discovered the generative power in human beings, and how each individual has a choice in what he or she creates. In his first book, he talks about how each one of us, in every area of our life, has an almost certain, probable, default future. He invites individuals, teams, and organizations to get skilled in creating a future of design, rather than that of drift.

Sameer is about to complete his second book in the area of generative leadership, and this book will be released early 2017.

About Institute for Generative Leadership

The Institute for Generative Leadership (IGL) enables leaders, managers, professionals, and coaches to take their leadership impact and the impact of their teams, organizations, and clients to the next level. Contrary to academic degree programs, the Institute focuses on developing embodied skills on the job through practices that enhance and complement the skills you already have, not just on understanding concepts.

The foundations of generative leadership are based on rigorous theory and practice from linguistics, neuroscience, and biology as well as the fields of language-action, somatics, emotional intelligence, ontological design, the philosophy of language, process design, lean thinking, embodied learning, and martial arts. Learning is experiential and practice based, and focused on outcomes in business, teams, organizations, and communities.

Bob Dunham is the Founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership worldwide, and programs are offered in USA, India, Mexico, Spain and Chile.


Gift Your Organ Foundation

Sameer is the Founder and Chief Catalyst of the Gift Your Organ Foundation, a Charitable Trust set up in February 2011, along with other founders and key members of the team. The founders jointly felt a civic responsibility to address the huge problem of organ donation in India, to educate the community, and to promote this life saving cause. The Vision of the Gift Your Organ Foundation is that

There will be no deaths in India due to shortage of organ donors.

"The Gift Your Organ Foundation pioneered the Green Heart Driver's License in India and offered this in 2 states of India."

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