Living a powerful life means different things for different people. For some, it may be about achieving individual goals, and for some others it may mean bringing about a social change. Whatever it may be for you, this will be a platform for you achieving a result that matters to you on a consistent basis.


You are a function of the environment that you are in. In a powerful environment, you will be powerful and in a disempowering environment, you will be disempowered. If you already don’t have a powerful environment, then you are at the effect of your environment.

The 5AM Club gives you an opportunity to be a part of a powerful environment, where members of the group learn with you. They do so by bringing in new practices and actions.

What is most important is that in The 5AM Club, people listen to you as you really are – A Possibility, i.e., someone who creates opportunities for himself and others.

I invite to you set up your own ‘The 5 AM Club’ and I will provide regular support to you to make your club productive and successful.

The Context

Group members relate to each other with love, compassion and kindness. You understand the other persons’ cares, and yet you are a demand on the other group members to recreate who they are and what futures they can create.


The objectives of The 5AM Club are as follows:

  • Creating a context and having an empowering start to the day;
  • Giving extra hours to achieve the results you have only dreamt of till now;
  • Having a structure for fulfillment (the group is a structure that ensures you act to your full potential and continuously expand your potential);
  • Making learning a continuous part of your life, through practices.

“My wife walked out on me and took our daughter with her.The 5AM Club helped me ‘declare a breakdown’ and create a future of my choice.
In 20 months not only did I win back my family, my wife and I have become parents of twins since.
I also sold my last organization and set up the Institute for Generative Leaders.
Everyone on The 5AM Club created a future.. a future of design.”

Who is The 5AM Club for?

This 5AM Club is for people who want to play big games! They want to be the cause in the matter of their lives. For anybody to be a part of The 5AM Club, there are two basic requirements:

  • The game you declare to play needs to be bigger than the one you have played before, and;
  • You have an attitude of a beginner (to be a beginner means to be open to new learning – it means to be coachable)

How does it work?

  • Every one has a choice in what they want to create in their life. I am inviting you to create a structure, an environment that enables you to act powerfully, and achieve a future of your design.
  • Invite people who you believe will support you, and you are happy to support. Be bold, and invite people, even if they only are acquaintances.
  • You set up your own club, and I will provide you with resources to support you.
  • You have a problem, write to me, and my team or I will respond to you at our earliest.

I do not intend to monitor you. Each member in The 5AM Club chooses to be the cause in the matter of this Club working for all of you. I will regularly write to you, and keep providing you with new resource materials.

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